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About Me

Born & Raised in Dallas
Things I Like and Appreciate:
Wife of 50+ yrs, Family (3 kids and spouses, and each child has 2 kids & one has 1 great grand child), Church on Sun (Bapticostal)., Music, Sports (Ping Pong now) , Games (Bridge/spades/hearts/Gin/free cell/checkers/etc), Dancing (square/round/ballroom/CW/etc.), photography (CD & Richardson photo club), Red River NM (Ski&Dance), Travel (Lord willing cruise down the Rhine or around New Zealand next), Howard Payne, Friends, Customers, Reading(always have a book going), MAC(like better that PC) & iPhone, home office, mentee, double reclining couch & Netflix, Remington 1100, Thorlon socks, pocket pants . I'll add more as I think of them.